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The child in me!

Children always seem to be far away in a world of their own ivory towers. A world in which everything is new, everything is about learning, everything is honest and small things exciting! So I wanted to find that child in me, I wanted to start seeing the world as a child, start observing people as a child and be happy with every little new thing in life. Its amazing how life changes when your way of thinking changes. A laptop, a mobile phone, clothes, these are the materialistic things which have made their own place in our lives today. And by just having these new things, I am feeling happy and bubbly as a child! I am excited with every little thing, such as the little bit of sunshine after heavy showers, smiling at someone on the train, making myself a cup of tea and having the time to myself or talking to a friend after years! I am no longer worried about my new things not working properly or why did a stranger smile at me on the train. The best of all is that I am not wondering why my friend called me after so many years, was it a selfish call or was it because they needed me, is there a different reason for the call rather than just talk to me? I have stopped worrying about everything around me and it just feels great. The happier I am, the happier I will make others around me! So, let us all the cherish the child in us, as life becomes beautiful and all the worries vanish!


A helping hand

So here’s the story. I was on the train today, getting back home from work and there was a lady in my coach with a pushchair and a toddler who was visibly very irritated because of the hot weather. We both got off at the same station and so did many others. We were approximately 20-30 people who got off at the same station, which also happens to be a very small station. And amazingly the lady with the baby and me were the only two females in the crowd. Our station does not have disabled access, so someone had to help the lady carry the pushchair down 25-30 stairs. Out of so many young men, no one offered a helping hand. I had lots of heavy bags in my hand (one bag with a 17″ laptop), so I thought that someone will definitely help her and I waited. However, no one helped and finally I carried the pushchair for her. She said “Thank you, I really appreciate your help”.

However, this was not just one incident that makes me ask lots of questions. On the underground tube, a heavily pregnant lady was standing in discomfort. So I offered her my seat and guess what??? A young teenage girl standing next to the pregnant lady grabed the seat!

I ask myself these questions and also to everyone reading my blog: Why has our society become so inconsiderate towards others? Why dont we consider help as a virtue anymore? Why are we so individualistic and so much in our own worlds that we do not care to help others?